Welcome to Pacific In-Home Caregivers!

The In-Home Caregiver Program

works to keep seniors, and those living with a disability, independent in their own residence!

In-Home Caregivers provide personalized, one on one care for seniors and those living with a disability.  

Staying at home allows you to stay in familiar surroundings with friends and family close by.

 You can keep your beloved pets and live on your schedule- not someone elses.

You design the job description for a caregiver based on your needs.

 Many caregivers drive and can take you to appointments and on outings in the community.
 This takes such a load off of family members and friends!  

An in-home caregiver is the affordable alternative to
daycare, residential care and assisted living.

You have personalized, one on one care at an affordable cost.

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Pacific Caregivers provides service to children and seniors or the disabled anywhere in BC and we consult in other areas of Canada.  We assist in providing live-in or out nannies or caregivers to families who want to keep their loved ones at home.  An in-home caregiver or nanny can provide care for seniors, children or the disabled. All of our caregivers are fluent in English and some have a background in nursing, physiotherapy or geriatric care. We have caregivers in Canada who are looking for employers. 

At Pacific In-Home Caregivers we are dedicated to making sure that all families, whether in a city or a rural area have the opportunity to keep their loved ones at home. We know how important it is!  Finding a local live in caregiver is always difficult and even more so in smaller communities. We are always looking for caregivers or nannies who are willing to take a chance and build a life in a small town or outlying area. We have placed caregivers and nannies in Creston, Denman Island, Williams Lake, Hope, Cranbrook and many other areas of BC.  

We have excellent resumes of live-in or out caregivers and nannies who are very willing to work in areas both in and outside of our cities. If you have special needs or a special request for a caregiver, please call us and let us help.


Our Story 

Pacific Caregivers began after a very difficult search for affordable home care for our founder's own parents. In her own words...  

Our mother had suffered a stroke and was adamant that she didn't want to stay in the hospital or a nursing home. Mom needed 24-hour care but she also wanted to be at home with dad! So, we moved them in with us - into a suite in our home. It was scary bringing her home, not knowing if we could provide the level of care she would need; but she insisted. She was very unhappy in the hospital and we wanted to honour her wishes and so we went ahead and brought her home.

We tried various homecare solutions, but none of them seemed to work well for all of us. Dad did his best to help and the family pitched in but we needed a long term solution.

Eventually we found out about the Live-in Caregiver Program run by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This program allows trained caregivers from other countries to come to Canada and work as live-in caregivers for children, the disabled and seniors. They must work for two years as a live-in caregiver and then they can apply for landed immigrant status. Once that is approved they can then go on to work at other occupations.

After some initial resistance on my parents' part we decided to go ahead. My mom wanted me to take care of her but that just was not possible: we still had children at home and she needed more care than we were capable of providing.  My dad was worried about how to pay for all of this, but with the help of some government programs we were able to make it work.

We hired a wonderful caregiver who moved in with us and became our parents' primary caregiver. After seeing how well this worked, we hired a second caregiver to share the job and my parents and caregivers moved back to their own home!

For 4 years, our parents were able to live in their own home, maintain their lifestyle and stay together, thanks to their dedicated caregivers.

After dad passed away at home, we moved mom and her care givers back into our house. Mom didn't sleep much so she needed another caregiver to be with her at night. We ended up with three caregivers taking care of her, 24 hours a day until she passed away.

For a few years our elderly aunt lived with us and had 2 caregivers of her own. She passed away peacefully in her bed at 97 years old with her family around her.  How blessed we were to have these wonderful young men and women help us keep our family members at home with their loved ones, instead of living in a facility.

Eventually other people asked us how they could find a live in caregiver for their loved ones. Pacific Caregivers opened its doors in response to this need. We match trained, experienced caregivers with families who need help caring for their loved ones. Caregivers are fluent in English and some have nursing or other medical degrees from their home country. All are trained and experienced in caring for the elderly, disabled or children.

Tel: (250) 612-2995         Fax: 1 (855) 640-8060         Email: info@pacificcaregivers.com