Services to Seniors and Families

Often families are in crisis when they're looking for caregivers for their parents. There are so many decisions to make and seniors can be resistant to the idea that they may need some assistance in order to be safe at home. We can help work through some of these challenges and the confusion that can arise at this time.  

Pacific In-Home Caregivers will work with you and your family to devise the best possible care plan for you or your loved ones. Sometimes family members have conflicting opinions on what is the best solution to the challenges facing elderly parents or those with disabilities.  Often the job and the number of decisions to be made seems overwhelming to the sibling who lives closest to those who need help. One sibling might feel that the other family members don't understand the health issues that are facing their parents or are too far away to help.  

We can assist with some ideas on how to put together the best plan of care and we can talk to other family members who have questions or concerns. Sometimes just knowing that other families are asking the same questions and facing the same issues helps put the situation in perspective.  

If you decide to hire a live-in caregiver, we will send you resumes of local or overseas caregivers to choose from. Once you have chosen a caregiver, we will submit all the required paperwork to Service Canada and make sure your caregiver has her paperwork in order to get a new work permit.  

If you need help with any issues that arise with your caregiver we can assist. Sometimes it's simply a cultural or language misunderstanding and we can clarify what the issues are and offer suggestions to improving them.  

When the time comes that you don't need your caregiver any longer, we will assist him/her in finding other employment and lodgings.

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